Grand Canyon State Bernese Mountain Dog Club

Ruben the "Rock Star" celebrated his 8th birthday in November. He's seen here relaxing after pulling heavy weights while accomplishing his Master Draft Dog title. Kay Morrow (7.17)

Sharon Phillips (1.18)


All of my dogs are involved in some sort of activity. Left to right: Fergie loves agility. Ariel pretends to like conformation, obedience and agility. Diamond enjoys agility and herding, but only when she wants to. Max loves draft and other activities but mostly wants to be doing something with me. Cindi Jackson (7.17)

The Honors page gives members a chance to share experiences with their wonderful dogs. To post your submission on the Honors page, send a digital photo and no more than 50 words of copy to Kay Morrow Cost of a posting is $5 for 6 months or $10 for a year per photo. Please send a check, payable to GCSBMDC to Meryl Bergstein, P.O. box 3469, Gilbert, AZ 85299 or pay by cash or via Square at a club meeting or activity.