2018 Awards List

Michele & Axl: Rally Novice

Paula & Mark Henning & Greta: Farm Dog Certified, BMDCA Novice Draft Dog

Paula & Mark Henning & Payson: Farm Dog Certified,
BMDCA Novice Draft Dog, Rally Advanced

Kay Morrow & Ruben: Preferred Companion Dog Excellent

Jan Nelson & Violet: AKC Community Canine, Champion

Sharon Phillips & Tallulah: Farm Dog Certified, Rally Novice,
BMDCA Novice Draft Dog, Rally Intermediate

Nancy Stewart & Esmeralda: BMDCA Novice Draft Dog

Nancy Stewart & Georgia: Rally Novice, Champion, Grand Champion

On April 15, 2018, GCSBMDC members gathered at the home of Lauri and Frank Carney for the club's annual meeting and awards presentation. Eight dogs were recognized for achieving titles during the past year.

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Grand Canyon State Bernese Mountain Dog Club